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We provide the following services:

• Tree removal (any size)
• Pruning or trimming (any size)
• Stump and root grinding
• Deep root fertilization
• Hauling services
• Land clearing
• Emergency services
• Firewood
• Consulting
• Tree and shrub planting
• Controlled or broadcast chipping
• Safety cabling and bracing
• Wildland fire mitigation
• Pine Beetle remediation



Tree removal
Call Top Notch Tree Service for the best tree removal services in the area. Trees need to be removed for many reasons including:
• Decayed trunk or roots
• Storm damage or safety issues
• Dead, diseased, or declining trees
• Trees with splits or cracks that cannot be cabled
Pruning or trimming
Properly maintained trees add value to your property. Some benefits of pruning or trimming are:
• Raise lower limbs
• Thin for wind filtration and eliminate most storm damage
• Eliminate weight at ends of limbs to prevent limb failure or breakage
• Thinning for visibility
• Shape ornamental trees, hedges, and shrubs
Stump grinding
Top Notch Tree Service can grind any size stump. When you call our tree experts, we will look at the location of your stump and determine any possible issues with the removal of the stump or grinding of the roots.
Root grinding
Some trees produce surface roots that can be ground down. Root grinding should only be done when the tree has been removed because grinding the roots of a live tree can kill the tree, making it unsafe.
Trees often require fertilization and lawns typically absorb the majority of fertilizer that is broadcast. Deep root feeding places these nutrients below the surface where the roots can easily absorb them. Top Notch Tree Services injects these into the soil in a grid pattern to maximize coverage of the root system. Sick trees or trees declining in health may require several applications per year.
Land clearing
Our crews can handle any size clearing of land from residential, commercial government, and waterways.
Emergency services
Our crews are well trained for hazardous job sites and dangerous tree removal. High winds or storm damage can turn beautiful trees into a deadly hazard. For immediate help, call Top Notch Tree Service. We want to keep you safe.


Please contact us for the latest prices and woods available.
Tree and shrub planting/landscaping
Full-scale property, rock retaining walls, and turf specialists.
Hauling services
Please contact our office for an hourly rate or pricing.
 Controlled or broadcast chipping
We can chip and dump on site. Please contact our office for rates.
Safety cabling and bracing
Cracked, broken, or distressed trees can sometimes be saved by cabling or bolting for reinforcement.
Wildland fire mitigation and defensible space
Our staff has been professionally trained to protect against forest fires.
Tree Health
Our certified arborists will inspect your trees and consult with you on the proper plan to take care of your trees regarding insects, diseases, watering, pruning, and nutrients.

We can defend against the pine beetle and we provide pine beetle remediation.

Yes, we can answer your questions regarding the Emerald Ash Borer.  Click here for more information on the Emerald Ash Borer from the department of agriculture.

—determine any possible problems when we give you a free estimate.
We offer free consultation services. We can recognize, threat, and diagnose many problems you may encounter such as:

• Wilting and yellowing leaves (chlorosis)
• Dieback and decline
• Pine Beetle, Dutch Elm, scale, blight, and other diseases
• Poor tree structure and location
• Safety issues around structures, wires, and roadways
• Suckers or water sprouts