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Are you a Johnstown homeowner with trees on your property? If so, there’s a good chance you need tree services, even if you don’t know it. Trees, after all, are enormous living organisms, and while they’re mostly content to grow on their own without our supervision, sometimes they can get a bit unruly. Root systems can penetrate areas that they shouldn’t, dead trees could collapse onto the expensive property, and they can all develop diseases right under your nose. But there are also other reasons to call tree services — maybe you need a professional pruning/trimming job, or you want to get rid of an annoying stump. Maybe you need the assistance of professional landscapers. For all of these services and more, Top Notch Tree Services is the company to call.

Our Tree Services

  • Tree Removal

  • Tree Trimming/Pruning

  • Stump Removal

  • Landscaping

  • Consultation

  • Fertilization

  • Emergency Tree Services

  • And More — Just Ask!

Tree Care for Johnstown Homeowners

Top Notch Tree Services originated in Loveland, so we were never far from our neighbors in Johnstown. We’ve visited Johnstown on many occasions, and every single time we go, it’s a delight. Johnstown is a lovely place to live, and much like most other Northern Colorado towns, there’s no shortage of trees and greenery. There is certainly a tremendous amount of appeal in having good trees in your yard, but trees can also become a nuisance if they’re not properly cared for. That’s where we come in.

Did you know that a large dead tree could collapse at any moment, potentially causing enormous property damage or even worse? Did you know that many trees can catch tree diseases that are difficult to detect unless you’re looking for them? Did you know that solitary tree stumps cause a surprisingly high amount of injuries? Indeed, there are a lot of things about trees that the average homeowner doesn’t know. But as tree experts with years of experience, we can help every Colorado homeowner with solutions to their tree problems.

Tree services are important because the jobs we do are dangerous for the untrained and uncertified individual. Even if you think you know exactly where a tree is going to fall, it can easily surprise you. And we don’t have to mention how dangerous it can be climbing into the upper branches of a tree with heavy tools for a pruning job. Don’t risk falling and injuring yourself — call the professionals instead. We know everything there is to know about tree care, and we’d be happy to come to your home in Johnston.

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Are you ready to give your trees the love and the care they deserve? Whether you need to fell a tree, remove an annoying stump, or create a beautiful arboreal landscape, we’re the ones to call. Getting started is easy — all you need to do is contact us today!

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